Understanding Home And Auto Insurance Overlap

If you own both a home and a car, it's important that both have their own individual insurance coverage. This shouldn't be surprising, since you will want to protect these investments. What may be surprising is that sometimes there is overlap between these two types of coverage. The following guide can help you determine when you need to call the car insurance company or make a claim against your home's policy. Read More 

Effective Ways To Lower Your Auto Insurance Rates

Do you have a feeling that you are likely paying too much for your auto insurance? To avoid overpaying any further and finding opportunities to maximize your saving potential, there are a few things that you will want to take advantage of with your insurance provider. So, before you opt out of specific coverage or reduce your entire policy coverage altogether, be sure to consider the following: Traffic School: If driving violations from your past are still on your record, then your rates can definitely be increased due to your insurance company seeing you are a liability due to your unsafe driving. Read More 

Getting Ready For The Trip Of A Lifetime? Don’t Forget To Discuss Insurance Before You Go

If you're getting ready for the trip of a lifetime, whether it's across the country or overseas, there's one person you don't want to forget to visit before you go: your insurance agent. Having the right type of insurance before you leave home for distant parts is an absolute must in order to protect your personal and financial well-being while you're away. Here are two types of insurance you should absolutely consider before departing. Read More 

Has A Recent Auto Problem Caused You To Go Over The Legal Point Limit? Improve Your Chances Of Getting A Work Driving Permit

Do you have a mixture of moving violations, some your fault and some accidents the fault of others, and now you have so many points on your record you're going to lose your license? If so, even getting permission to drive for work purposes can be difficult. There are some things you'll want to do before you go in front of the courts or a judge to plead your case, and to help you try to get working privileges if your license is at the risk of being suspended. Read More 

Own a Home? You Should Know if Your Home Insurance Covers These 4 Problems

One of the requirements of having a home with a mortgage is to get home insurance. You may believe that insurance covers everything that can go wrong with a home that is out of your control, but basic policies can be limited. There are several things that your insurance provider may not fix when filing a claim unless you have additional coverage. Make sure you understand if these 4 things are covered by your insurance, and purchase additional protection if you think it is necessary. Read More