What You Need To Know About Digital Auto Insurance Cards

It's possible that you will be asked for proof of auto insurance when pulled over during a traffic stop. If you are found not to have proof of having auto insurance, you can potentially face a fine if it is required to have insurance by your state. In addition, you run the risk of losing your license as well for not following the law. Thankfully, the digital age is catching up with insurance, and you can show digital proof of auto insurance is many states. Here is what you need to know about it.

What Are The Benefits of Digital Insurance Cards?

A common concern with having a physical insurance card is that you always need to have it in your car. If you car gets stolen, the thief now has proof of driving an insured car. The card can also go missing quite easily, or you might forget to put the new card in your glove box.

With digital proof of auto insurance, you'll always have the card on you. The card is just a couple taps and swipes away from being ready to be shown when necessary.

Do The Police Need Your Phone To Verify Your Insurance?

Rest assured that you will never need to give your phone directly to a police officer to verify your auto insurance. For states like West Virginia, there is a system in place where the digital insurance card displays an NAIC number. The officer can enter this number in their computer system to verify if the insurance is valid.

This is much more efficient than the old system, because police officers had to trust the information on the insurance card at face value. With an insurance card being easy to forge, the authenticity of the insurance could not be verified by only looking at the card.

Does My State Support Digital Insurance Cards?

Two factors must be in your favor in order to use a digital insurance card. For starters, your state must make it legal to use a digital card instead of just an old fashion paper card. In addition, your insurance provider must have the capabilities to display your insurance card digitally.

Your best bet to find the answer to this question is to ask your insurance provider. They are going to be more familiar with the laws than anyone else and can even tell you how to use your digital insurance card. Contact a company like Amberg Insurance Center Inc to learn more.