Four Important Coverages To Add To Your Auto Insurance Policy

When purchasing an auto insurance policy, there are many features that you must include, such as liability coverage that will protect another vehicle, property, or person injured or damaged when you were the cause of an auto accident. However, aside from the basic coverages, you should also double check that your insurance covers the following four things:

  1. Windshield Damage Coverage: At any point, your windshield can easily become damaged. Small rocks can easily chip the windshield and it is illegal to drive with any kind of crack or chip in the windshield. Besides, once this happens, it is going to become worse more quickly until the entire windshield shatters. For this reason, you should be sure that you have coverage for damage or replacement on your windshield since this is an expensive but absolutely necessary thing to repair. 
  2. Rental Coverage:  If your car needs to be taken into an auto repair shop for a certain number of days, you will want to be sure that you are still able to get to and from work and be able to use a vehicle to pick up the kids from school and more. The only way to ensure that this is possible without spending a ton of money is to be sure that your auto insurance policy includes rental coverage. 
  3. Car Replacement Coverage: If your vehicle is declared a total loss after being involved in an accident, you should also have car replacement coverage. This is going to allow you to replace your vehicle for the total amount it was worth before the accident. The benefit of this is that you don't have to spend a whole lot of money to replace your vehicle in the case of a total loss accident. 
  4. Legal Fee Coverage: Finally, you should be sure that your auto insurance policy includes coverage for legal fees in the case that you are involved in a car accident case that ends up being taken to court. This way, you can fight in court, which is a benefit to your insurance company anyway, without having to worry about the cost of an attorney being too high for you. This gives you a much greater chance of winning your case. 

When you are sure to add these four coverages to your auto insurance policy, you can be sure that you are fully protected. Paying for the cost of adding these coverages is going to be well worth it in the end.