Own a Home? You Should Know if Your Home Insurance Covers These 4 Problems

One of the requirements of having a home with a mortgage is to get home insurance. You may believe that insurance covers everything that can go wrong with a home that is out of your control, but basic policies can be limited. There are several things that your insurance provider may not fix when filing a claim unless you have additional coverage. Make sure you understand if these 4 things are covered by your insurance, and purchase additional protection if you think it is necessary.


There are certain situations where mold removal may or may not be covered with basic homeowners insurance. For example, if you have a water pipe that burst in the winter, which caused water to get inside your home, chances are that insurance will cover the repair of the pipe and the removal of mold that resulted from it.

However, mold removal may not be covered with basic insurance if you have dampness in your foundation from a cracked foundation, or flooding from water that entered your home through a window well.

Sewer Backup Issues

Protection from your sewer backing up is often covered with an additional rider for your insurance policy. Even though you may consider it a flood in your basement, flood insurance won't cover it. You'll need coverage that is specifically for sewer backups to guarantee that you have coverage.


Some states actually have requirements for homeowners to have sinkhole coverage. Florida is one of them, because they have more sinkhole related activity when compared to the other states. While this geological even is not very common, you will need insurance that covers sink holes if it is a concern to you.


As a homeowner, you are responsible for keeping your house free of all the different pests out there, including termites. These pests can cause major damage to a home by causing a considerable amount of damage. On average, termites can cause around $3,000 worth of damage that you'll need to repair, so it's reasonable to want to look into using your home insurance to cover it. Unfortunately, this is one type of damage that you will have difficulty finding coverage for. You'll need to take preventative steps to keep the pests way from your home and repair damage that they cause from your own pocket.

If you have any questions about what your homeowner's insurance policy covers, do not hesitate to contact insurance agents like Insure With U.S.