How Can I Reduce My Life-Insurance Rate Quotes?

Many factors in a life-insurance quote, such as your age and gender, may not be under your control. However, there are some steps that you can take before signing up for life insurance to make sure that you're getting the best deal possible. Make Sure You Don't Have Health Risk Factors Your insurers will look at your overall health habits when determining a rate. Do you smoke or overindulge on alcohol? Read More 

Plan On Driving For A Ride Sharing Program? Questions You Should Ask About Your Insurance

With ride sharing becoming more popular recently with companies like Lyft and Uber, people are looking to make extra income by taking to the roads on nights and weekends to pick up passengers for extra cash.  Unfortunately, an important thing to consider in your new side business is how it can impact your car insurance.  Make sure you find out the answer to these things before you start driving. When Does The Ride Share Company Start Offering Insurance Coverage? Read More 

2 Tips for Finding Inexpensive Hybrid Long-Term Care Insurance

When purchasing hybrid long-term care insurance, you'll need to make several decisions that determine how much coverage your policy provides—and how much your premiums are. If you're looking for inexpensive hybrid long-term care insurance, here are two tips to help you find an affordable policy. Talk with an Independent Insurance Agent An independent insurance agent who is licensed in your state will both be able to help you select the coverage and limits that are right for you and help you find the least expensive policy that meets your needs. Read More 

Spend Money On Your Vehicle To Spend Less On Insurance

Auto insurance questionnaires come with many items that are designed to see how safe your car already is; when you take on less risk as a driver, it puts less liability on your insurer. It makes sense, then, that adding equipment to make your car safer might help to lower your insurance premiums. Here are some of the items that many insurance companies take into account as they determine your insurance rates. Read More 

What You Need To Know About Your Auto Insurance Coverage

Many people carry auto insurance coverage seeing that it is required by many states. However, even though many individuals carry the policy, doesn't necessarily mean that they understand how to access the policy and know what they are doing in the case of an accident. Here are some things you need to know about a car accident and your auto insurance policy. What Kind Of Information Should I Get If I Get In An Accident? Read More