Spend Money On Your Vehicle To Spend Less On Insurance

Auto insurance questionnaires come with many items that are designed to see how safe your car already is; when you take on less risk as a driver, it puts less liability on your insurer. It makes sense, then, that adding equipment to make your car safer might help to lower your insurance premiums. Here are some of the items that many insurance companies take into account as they determine your insurance rates. 

Anti-Lock Brakes

A question about anti-lock brakes often comes standard on a rate quote questionnaire. If you don't already have anti-lock brakes, they are worth investing in; they help to ensure that your brakes won't behave in unpredictable ways if you ever need to make and emergency stop. 

Anti-Theft Devices

If you take any measures to reduce your chances of car break-ins or theft, you can get a discount on your comprehensive auto insurance in many cases. Anti-theft devices can come in many forms. For one, there are alarm systems that sound a siren and alert police or security companies to the car's location when someone attempts to open the door. You could get a tracking device placed in the car that links to your smartphone; if the car is entered without your permission, you may get a notification on your phone that alerts you to the car's current location. 

Other devices can be even simpler; if you get a lock placed on your steering wheel, this is an effective deterrent to burglars who may be able to start the ignition but can't get the steering wheel to budge. At any rate, it's wise to consult your auto insurance company to see what kinds of discounts they can offer for these devices. 

Crash Avoidance Technologies

Crash avoidance technologies are another area where you can make your car safer while also saving money on your auto insurance premiums. Lane detection software, rear view cameras, and collision speed reduction are some of the tactics that crash avoidance technologies use. 

Your auto insurance company may base their insurance premiums on the types of crash avoidance technologies they expect to find in the car based on the model; for instance, certain newer models come standard with certain crash avoidance gear. But if you decide to add your own, it's worth a call to your insurance company to see if they can knock a few dollars off of your premiums every month. To learn more, contact a company like Wolf Insurance Agency.