3 Potential Reasons Why Your Worker’s Compensation Insurance Is Expensive

As a business owner, you probably understand the importance and value of worker's compensation insurance. However, if your premiums are high, you might be worried about the effect that the cost is having on your business. If you want to do something about it, you must first understand why your policy is so expensive in the first place. Then, you can address any problems and can potentially start saving money on your coverage. These are a few potential reasons why your worker's compensation insurance is costly.

1. You Haven't Taken Proper Safety Steps

It's pretty simple: worker's compensation insurance companies have to pay out money if someone gets hurt, so if your employees are more at risk of getting hurt because of a lack of safety programs, then your insurance company might charge you more for coverage. Working with a safety professional in your industry and making changes to the way that you handle safety practices in the workplace can be a good way to both keep employees safe and reduce the cost of your coverage.

2. You Don't Have a Return-to-Work Program

The longer that your employees are out of work after an injury, the more it costs your insurance company. Plus, having employees out of work for a long time can affect your business, too. Creating a return-to-work program, which you can do by encouraging employees to come back to work on "light duty" when their doctors tell them that they can, is a good way to get employees back to work as soon as possible. This can save your insurance company money, which in turn can save you money. Plus, it can be good for employee morale, since many employees are ready to get back to work as soon as they can.

3. You Haven't Shopped Around

You probably shop around before buying car insurance, and it's important to do the same thing with worker's compensation insurance. Check into your different options to find the most affordable coverage; you might save by buying your worker's compensation insurance from the company that offers you other types of insurance coverage for your business, or you might save by going another route. It pays to shop around each time that you renew your policy to make sure that you are getting the best deal.

Worker's compensation insurance is important, but it can also be expensive. If any of these three things apply to your business, however, it might be time to make some changes so that you can save money on your policy. For more information, contact a company like Beskin-Divers Insurance Group, Inc.